Refreshing Shoe Deodorant

Refreshing Shoe Deodorant
To create a healthy microclimate inside your shoes and to protect your leather shoes against stinky odour we recommend applying TJ COLLECTION Refreshing Shoe Deodorant. It refreshes and deodorizes leaving a hint of lemon fragrance. Feel heel to toe freshness and more confidence when take off your shoes wherever you are.

TJ COLLECTION Refreshing Shoe Deodorant benefits:
- Neutralises unpleasant odour;
- Provides freshness;
- Protects inner surface of shoes from erasure;
- Leaves a slight scent of lemon;
- Hypoallergenic;
- Leaves no traces on insole;
- Can be used with all types of shoes daily.

How to use:
Shake well. Spray into your shoe thoroughly and allow drying for 3 min. We highly recommend you to spray it into your shoes before long storage as it prevents development of bacteria.