Exciting sense of autumn

Exciting sense of autumn
CHESTER is looking forward to a new season. The collection is open to meet the fresh trends of September, prompting to update your wardrobe but at the same time to avoid stereotypes. Like a magic thread, it will immediately take you into a magical forest of autumn trends and images  where the show is ruled by  mysterious flickering textures, luscious shades of rare berries and warming terracotta, the jewelry, the glitter of metals  and cozy suede touched with weightless “gold” dust.

A special autumn guest of 2018 is the Victorian charm, admiring pointed shapes, elegant laces and velvet, while a real challenge is thrown by supermassive sneakers.

You'll be happy to welcome a new dream purse “San Marino”, and exquisite-straps to decorate your favourite crossbody, charismatic Buffalo leather and charming printed scarves.

We are waiting for a luxurious autumn. Start it with the finds at CHESTER!