Aristocrats of style

Aristocrats of style
Kiltie has captured our minds this season! A fringed tongue folded over front of the shoe, covering the laces decorates the most stylish pairs of the collection. This unusual retro detail has an interesting history. Originally the “Kiltie” was the extended tongue of a brogue to cover the laces when worn with the Kilt. That’s how shoes were made in Scotland, in the highlands and the borders.

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But in 1905 it made a significant breakthrough. George V the king of the United Kingdom appeared in public wearing oxfords with kiltie, providing an explosion of its popularity for years ahead. In 1920s the American hipsters and golfers adopted kiltie stressing its “royal” status.

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Thus the leather fringe has become a hallmark of high-end shoes worn by aristocrats. This summer you can feel like aristocrat too with our selection of loafers, sneakers and moccasins adorned with kilties.

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